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EQ Technologies -- Leveling Up

For almost a decade, Northeast Ohio has depended on EQ for premium Audio, Video, Smart Homes, Home Theater, Surveillance, Network and more. Our promise is to continue to deliver uncommonly high value and quality of service. This promise is evolving to offer an even greater experience.

EQ Technologies' original showroom was located in a very special Smart Home in University Circle, Cleveland. At the cutting edge of energy efficiency and smart home technologies, it became the first in Ohio to be certified by the Passive House Institute of the US. While also showcasing the latest in audio, video and smart home technologies, the location demonstrated how we can adapt to an energy-limited future, and with greater amenities!

On the first of February, 2022, EQ Technologies graduated to a larger building with even greater potential to showcase the greatest in Audio, Video and Smart Home technologies. Along with general open retail hours, EQ now features more product than before, and in an innovative space unique to Northeast Ohio.

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